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A DIY guide for your garden that will increase the value of your property

Makers Central Team 2nd September 2019

The great weather and bank holidays offer a rare opportunity to complete DIY tasks and particularly with the weather on ...

How to find & report stolen content on Youtube

Makers Central Team 1st August 2019

If you’re lucky enough to have a video reach the masses, you may find yourself being contacted by popular publishers ...

Using A Wood Lathe

Makers Central Team 30th May 2019

A wood lathe is used to create functional components for pieces of furniture, decorative items such as bowls and candlesticks, ...

Woodworking Tools You NEED to Know About!

Makers Central Team 28th April 2019

Below you will find a comprehensive list of basic but vital tools you will need if you are looking to ...

Starting a Successful YouTube Channel

Makers Central Team 28th April 2019

With the rapid increase in popularity of the video blogging (vlogging) culture, it’s easy to see why a tech-savvy teenager ...

Woodworking with a Jigsaw

Makers Central Team 28th April 2019

If your work involves cutting a lot of wooden boards or sheets, one of the most useful tools in your ...