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DIY chain slammed for ‘racist’ advertisement



A TV commercial produced by the German DIY chain, ‘Hornbach’ has been hit with controversy and has been branded called “racist” by members of the South Korean community.

The controversial advert shows a few white men doing gardening work. They are then encouraged to remove their damp, dirty clothing including their underwear and for it to placed in a box.

The 46-second commercial (Above) then cuts to a grey city where an Asian woman then purchases one of the bags of dirty clothes from a vending machine, opens it up and inhales deeply.

The woman then tilts back her head, rolls her eyes and appears to become aroused. (Meanwhile, you can hear a woman moaning playing in the background)

It then ends with a slogan reading: “That’s how spring smells.”

Hornbach tweeted a response defending the advertisement, which said:

 “Our ad is not racist. View the ad as a discourse on the increasing urbanisation and decreasing quality of life in cities. The smell of the spring only available in vending machines. For everyone. Not only Asian people.”

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