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The HowTo App, The Future of Social Media for Makers

There’s a brand new social media app for makers of all kind! If you’re looking for a more harmonious, healthy social media experience – check out the new HowTo App.

Now Availably on the Appstore and Google Play

The How To app is a place where quite simply, you can find inspiration & tutorial based content that shows you HowTo make the same. It’s a place where you can learn how to make exciting things and kickstart your next DIY project!

The best thing about this new app is that it has been developed by makers for makers! For example, users can add external links to each stage of their own project. You won’t have to constantly update a bio with a new link every time you create something new, meaning you’ll always be able to send people to the right places.

This new app gives creators the power to send people who view their projects where they want, whether it be to a product/material they used or to another social profile. The app has been designed to allow you to send your followers where you want to.

Even better, you can use this feature for affiliate links to earn extra money!

Another exciting feature of the app is the implementation of audio comments. This innovative new feature means that users can really express themselves in the comments section of a post and get their tone of voice across. This is the future, allowing creators and their audiences to really form a connection. Users can truly hear each other.

This app has really been developed with creators in mind. Users can add step by step guides, using photos or videos alongside their projects, so their audience can follow and do the same .

Alternatively for those that don’t wish to upload a detailed step by step HowTo we’ve introduced SNAP’s! These are short video clips or multiple photos with descriptions that offer your audience more bitesize content. You can even add links here too!

The new HowTo app also allows for direct messaging. Unlike other platforms, both users would need to be following each other to send a direct message.  This means that there will be no unwanted direct messages. Just another way our app is designed with you in mind.

Our App also includes many functions that allow users to tailor their experience, such as blocking or muting people and reporting comments.

Your app. Your community.

This app is an open FREE platform for everyone to enjoy. To be inspired by or to be in awe of creators sharing their projects and stories. A social media platform for like-minded people, that recognises the brilliance of the maker community.

Like most other social media platforms, we too operate a verification process using the blue tick , so if your in the public eye or a registered businesses, you can sign up for the verification badge within the App or on the Members website here  (Please note you must qualify for the Blue Tick Verification Badge) The blue tick was designed to help users identify those creators or businesses as the real deal, but we have noticed a flaw in this process as not all creators in the public eye and businesses qualify in the eyes of other socials media sites, which can be quite frustrating.  So we pledge to do things the right way and to use this ‘verification ‘ to help other users establish if they are following the real deal & more importantly to help protect those creators & businesses from impersonation.

If you’re a registered business, or a creator in the public eye then send us a verification request to get verified today.

Members of HowTo will also have a badge HowTo added to their account – how cool is that!

The HowTo app is a forward facing one, always looking to be at the forefront of social media. One of the new features that is currently in development for members is an innovative points system! Free points can be collected each month and stored in your account, these can be used across the app in various ways or they can be redeemed in the HowTo shop. Plus creators can also gift points to other creators to help them in their quest to become a maker!

Just another way the HowTo app gives back to the community.