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Amazon Trials Autonomous Six-Wheeled Delivery Robot



If you’re anything like the team here at HowTo, you’ll find that Amazon is a great place for easily ordering supplies.

Now It looks like you could be getting your products even easier, as the online retail giant has developed fully-electric delivery system, the ‘Amazon Scout’ which is designed to pick up and deliver your packages completely autonomously.

The device created by Amazon is the size of a small cool box and casually rolls along pavements at a walking pace.

Bob Doyle, vice president of the Robotic Industries Association says “That’s smart of them, because it doesn’t go any faster than a human walking. That may make it a little more accepted. It’s not doing wheelies or anything.”

They began delivering packages last week to customers in Washington, America.

The company is starting with six Amazon Scouts and will only deliver packages Monday to Friday during daylight hours.

These devices will eventually follow their delivery route alone, however, they will initially be accompanied by an Amazon employee.

Scouts were developed at Amazon’s research and development lab in Seattle, in order to make sure the devices can safely and efficiently navigate around pedestrians, animals and any other obstacles in their path.

Amazon Scout vice president Sean Scott said: “We are happy to welcome Amazon Scout to our growing suite of innovative delivery solutions for customers and look forward to taking the learnings from this first neighbourhood, so Amazon Scout can, over time, provide even more sustainability and convenience to customer deliveries.”

Amazon are also testing autonomous drones, dubbed Prime Air in the UK.

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