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      I design and make my own greetings cards and currently sell them in local craft shops and at craft fairs. I have been thinking about opening my own online shop to reach a wider audience. Can anyone advise on the pros and cons please?

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      Gerry Pullman

      Hi Sarah. I set up my own online store a couple of years ago to sell my handmade wooden boxes. The biggest pro to opening an online store rather than a physical store is the cost savings, no rent, utility bills or staffing costs. It is so easy to get a domain name and get a website up and running. Other pros include how quickly you can start trading and also the flexibility of how and when you choose to work. I’m not going to lie to you and say it is easy. You have to make sure your website is constantly kept up to date with products and you need to provide as much detailed information as possible. You need to factor in costs of marketing and I would recommend using pay per click marketing, although this can be expensive. I would also suggest that using deals or discounts is a good idea for a new start up to draw in business. I hope this helps you a little and that you can make a go of your business! Best of luck, Gerry.

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      I would suggest trying Etsy. I sold quite a bit of stuff on ebay and the monthly bill for fees always came as a bit of a shock.

      There is also LQID who had a stand at HowTo this year but I’m not really sure it’s got a buying audience yet.

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      Eatance App

      Opening an online shop is always beneficial for a business to boost sales. There many benefits to open an online shop where you can reach more customers. Having an online business with the only website is not enough you must-have mobile application to get more users to your business.

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