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      John Bredemere

      New Member Introduction.

      Hi all – just sighed up to HowTo.

      Having an interest in Woodwork for many years I always titled
      myself under the DIY tag. I could always saw a lump of wood
      reasonably straight and glue and screw to pieces together.

      Unlike all you great makers here – I ain’t got a web site –
      I ain’t got a YouTube Channel. And I don’t make projects for sale.

      I just like making wood into projects – Consul Tables – Bar Stools –
      Kitchen Islands – mostly out of construction grade timber that I give
      away to family and friends.

      On the odd occasion, I will list a project on ebay and if it sells I will
      donate any profit to charity. But to be honest it’s a bit of a pain and I prefer
      not to do it too often.

      Since signing to HowTo I have decided to drop the DIYer
      abbreviation – I love the definition maker – I’m now a paid up maker. I’m a HowTo Member.

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      Craig Cmehil

      Just took the jump as well and registered and paid up! Maybe you’ll share some your work here? I’m actually struggling using an old computer desk chair while messing around and keep thinking a bar stool would be a better choice maybe…

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      John Bredemere

      I have made several bar/shop stools in the past- reclaimed
      wood is my choice for construction – the old grain, scuffs,
      knots make for an aged look. Pocket hole screws or dowels
      make for an easy build. No web site so cannot post any images.

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      Craig Cmehil

      I’ll have to give it a try then, I have a small pocket hole kit that was on sale and have never used LOL

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      Virginia Richards

      Hi all! Just became a member also at the young age of 67. Nick Zammeti has inspired, intrigued, tempted and made me just want to try for the fun of it. I would love a lathe but don’t have the money to invest. I DO have a Dremmel, lots of wood on the farm (dogwood, persimmon, oak, cedar…) and can’t wait to start SOMETHING! My husband wants a decorated walking stick so I guess I’ll try that first. May even use a few feathers! I am also going to try some small resin projects for family Christmas. So happy to be a member!

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      Ken Harvey

      Not so much a ‘new’ member here but here we go…

      60 this year, I run my local Men’s Shed and get to dabble in all sorts of crafts. Or it should. There’s always admin, fundraising, meetings… ach, I love it really.

      Have just returned to woodturning after several years hiatus and, well, seems it’s not quite like riding a bike.
      Called a friend in to go over the basics with me and that gave me the jump start that was needed.

      Just got to find the time now..

Viewing 5 reply threads
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