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      Bit of a controversial subject this one, and one that has cropped up on April Wilkerson’s channel a few times. Is using a CNC machine (on wood) still woodworking? It’s still a ‘power tool’, but I can see where people who say it’s not woodworking are coming from.

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      Andrew Bowler

      It can easily be, although if the CNC part of the project is all there is, I can see why people might think not.

      I design projects in sketchup (times move on) rather than pen and paper. I decide how each bit will be created as I go.

      If a part of the project is best created with a hand tool, I use that. Same for power tool parts (times move on), same for CNC produced parts (again, times move on). Some parts need a combination of techniques.

      I guess it depends which technique produced the biggest percentage of the project. If CNC parts augment a project rather than are the project, to me the project is still woodworking as without woodworking skills the product doesn’t come together.

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      Jonathan Trott

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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