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      Craig Cmehil

      Hi there, also another new member. I’m very much a tech geek working in the software space for a very long time and personally feel it’s my duty to learn more about working with my hands and various crafts since I’m part of the group out there that is inadvertently reducing the use of some of those skills.

      I also share this funny story of how I got a quill pen, ink bottles, blotter and hand made paper to write letters which I even sealed with a wax seal and mailed. I was excited to have snail mailed the first letters and a week or so later those letters arrived at their destinations, how do I know? Well one texted me they got and the other 2 wrote me emails that they got the letters….. doh!

      So right now I am trying my hand at several home improvements (new home) and smaller projects, the main one at the moment is a small shelf to place my Amazon Echo on in my little workshop. I’ve been working with limited tools – mainly a Dremel 3000 with a router bit and the Dremel Workstation and a lot of time and patience. Putting a groove into a board (24cm long) was a lot more difficult than I thought (considering the tools on hand) but a lot of fun.

      I guess one question for everyone as I will move onto the next step once sanding is complete and I stain the wood is – What’s a good way to cut plexiglass? I want the base of the shelf to actually be plexiglass. Followed by how is the best way to secure plexiglass to the wood? The groove I cut is a bit loose for the plexiglass I have to fit snuggly.

      Anyway appreciate the time…..

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      Craig Cmehil

      Finally finished… Completed Shelf

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