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A DIY guide for your garden that will increase the value of your property

Makers Central Team

Makers Central Team

September 2, 2019

The great weather and bank holidays offer a rare opportunity to complete DIY tasks and particularly with the weather on our side, it’s the ideal time to get out in the garden to make a more attractive retreat.

According to studies, well-maintained gardens can add a generous amount to the value of a property which gives you all the more reason to get the gardening gloves on.


The head of Savills Estate Agents, Robin Chatwin, London, UK recently said ‘The best presented outside spaces significantly contribute to the overall desirability of a home’ rocketing the price up by as much as 10%

He also went on to say that working on DIY projects in the garden can favour those on a budget and advises against overspending. The majority of expensive design features and installations will often be personal taste and want to be removed by the next owners which will actually have the opposite effect!

Instead, Robin suggests going for a low maintenance garden with maximum visual impact. This can be achieved by adding some eye catching pots to your terrace or even some bay trees on your patio.
He goes on to say that the key to making a garden desirable, regardless of the size, is to make it look appealing without making the buyers anxious about it’s upkeep.
“Ten years ago, AstroTurf was hardly ever seen, and now it’s the norm in many London properties.”


What will be seen first?


If you’re struggling for time and budget to spruce up the entire garden, it’s probably best to start on the area that will first be seen by potential buyers. “Never forget kerb appeal, and, more relevant in the online age, photo appeal. The first impression really does count, so always start with the front garden,” says Martin Moore from Morris Marshall & Poole estate agents.


Neaten Thing Up!

A former Kew Gardens gardener is adamant that a little goes a long way when looking after your garden and keeping it looking loved.

He mentions that lots of us tend to put off the smaller tasks like fixing a wonky fence, de-weeding or even just mowing the lawn. “These things can turn a scruffy garden into a rustic outdoor area that shows how much space your property has to work with,” he said

He also goes on to recommend that keeping your grass short and using a pressure washer to spray away any dirt from your patio or decking.
“It’s much more pleasing on the eye and one less chore for the buyer if you’re hoping to sell”

Swapping Grass For Gravel

During the hot weather, you may have found your grass has been burnt and your green lawn is now a dull shade of brown! If this is the case, you may want to consider swapping your grass for gravel.

This also makes it a perfect environment for low maintenance plants such as mediterranean ones.

Decorative stones or gravel are available from pretty much any DIY stores and most certainly Garden Centres and for a wider range, it may be worth looking online.

Paint can go a long way

If you’re looking to add value to your property while keeping costs down, the impact of a good coat of paint should not be underestimated!

Jared Thomas from Emsleys Estate Agents, West Yorkshire says

“Adding value to your home through the garden doesn’t have to break the bank. If you have decking or a perimeter fence, you could freshen it up with a coat of paint. If the garden is presentable it will be more attractive to viewers and could increase the price a potential buyer is willing to pay for your home,”

Securing The Garden 

If the potential buyers viewing your house have pets, they’ll more than likely want to see a secure garden to avoid having an escapee!
Infesting in Secure fencing, walls and gates will put them at rest. Having a secure garden also puts people’s minds at rest and allows them to relax which also makes it more appealing to people with children as well as pets.



Potential buyers often get excited by having a building in the garden whether it be a shed, a summerhouse or a log cabin.
One of the main perks of having an outbuilding is it offers a convenient storage solution, helping you keep the home and garden clutter free.
They can also be versatile and used for many other uses such as Gyms, Offices, studios or even a games room.
Kiarna Benson of garden building specialists Tiger Sheds said:
“Most garden buildings will not require planning permission so it can be a relatively simple process — just be sure to check if you’re uncertain.”

A UK based Website, recently carried out a survey among 36 estate agents, Garden designers and property professionals and asked them what is the most important steps owners can take to improve the garden, increasing the price of their property.

The study revealed that the garden feature which adds the most value to the property is a shed. A whopping 82 per cent of property professionals claim a decent-sized shed is the most cited feature to boost value. Take a look at the rest of the results below:

Decent Sized Shed – 82%
Good Quality Patio Shed – 76%
Secure Fencing/Walls/Gates – 72%
Adequate Outdoor Lighting – 66%
Sturdy Decking – 62%
Water Features E.G Fountain/pond – 58%
Well-designed Garden Furniture – 54%
Artificial Grass/Lawn – 40%

If you have any other tips, we’d love to hear them so let us know in the comments below!

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